Origami Gallery
October 2011 
Forget about the Opera House. Shoko's origami will make everyone want to visit Sydney!
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The view from up here
is fantastic!
Rock-a-bye Baby
There is nothing better than strolling through the park
on a sunny day.
Fancy meeting you here! I think she's winking at
both of us
Koala Olympics, parallel bars with leaf, 1st place! Is it me, or is it spooky here
in the forest?
Hi, again Frankenstein. 
He loves me, he loves me not. Oh, I hope he loves me!
Photography: David Mane
Special Thanks to Linda Bogan


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David Mane   Photographer

David Mane is a prominent Sydney photographer who was family friends with Shoko during her time in Sydney. He has won Australian and international prizes for a quirky and humourous approach to his images. His style works well with Shoko's love of unusual Origami and even though they are in different countries Shoko and David enjoy their creative partnership very much.
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