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July 2024 new!

NOA symposium 2024 Magazine

Shoko's creation "Little bird paper clip" diagram was introduced in the 2024 NOA symposium Magazine.  Happy folding!

July 2024 new!

The magazine of Jong le Nara in Korea

Shoko’s creation " Triangular Box '' diagram was introduced in the magazine of Jong le Nara in Korea.

July 2024 new!

NOA symposium 2024 in Kujyukuri (Chiba prefecture).

The NOA symposium was held from 30th June to 2nd July.
The main guest was Miyuki Kawamura and her lecture was fantastic!
I met many origami friends there and had a wonderful time.
I introduced my creations, such as "Swallow"," Two-colored Triangular Box" and "Basket".
Looking forward to seeing origami friends next year again!

Shoko's lecture Miyuki Kawamura, Shoko Aoyagi, Noriko Nagata
July 2024 new!

BOS issue 346

Shoko's creation "Two-colored triangular box" diagram was introduced in the June 2024 issue of the BOS Magazine #346.  
This model honors Didier Boursin's work .
Happy folding!

June 2024 new!

NOA Issue 588

A photo of Shoko's new creation "A Basket" was introduced in the September issue of the NOA Magazine #588.

June 2024 new!

ORISON issue #2024/3 

Shoko's model "Laundry Basket" was introduced with ORISON issue #2024/3.
Happy folding!
June 2024

NOA Issue 587

Shoko's creation "swimmer" is introduced in the August issue of the NOA Magazine (#587).
In November 2023, I went to see the David Hockney exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
Some of my favorites are his double portraits: "nature and water." I also love his "swimming pools."
As I enjoy swimming, I have been hoping to create a swimmer with origami one day!

After a lot of trials and errors, I finally succeeded in making a swimmer with four different swimming styles; freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.
Once the swimmer is folded, you can make it swim by moving its arms for strokes and legs to kick.

June 2024

BOS Issue 345 

The review for "Shoko's Cute Origami Book" is posted by Ed Holmes in the April 2024 BOS magazine. His review is so encouraging! Thank you very much.
April 2024

NOA Issue 586

Shoko's creation "Decoration based on origami Thread case" was introduced in the July issue of the NOA Magazine #586.
I like this decoration, as it is really beautiful!
Spring has arrived!
Spring is around the corner
February 2024

NOA issue 583

Shoko's origami report of "British Origami Convention Autumn 2024" was introduced in the April issue of the NOA Magazine #583.

January 2024

NOA issue 581

Shoko's creation "Prim cat" was introduced in the February issue of the NOA Magazine #581.
She likes this cat very much. 
You can also make a kitten using the same size paper, body and head.

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