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May 2022  New!

BOS issue 333

Shoko's creation "Tetrahedron Box" diagram was introduced in the April 2022 issue of the BOS Magazine #333. I am honored that my new creation appeared on the cover page.
Happy folding!
April 2022 

NOA issue 562

Shoko's creations "Rose from a tsunokoubako" and " Triangular shaped package" were introduced in the June issue of the NOA Magazine #562.
I like the triangular shaped rose by pleat-fold best. (photo:on the left)
Hope you enjoy folding variations by changing the proportion and twisting angle.
April 2022 

ORISON issue #2022/2

Shoko's model "Chipmunk" and "Double heart shaped paper holder" were introduced with ORISON issue #2022/2.
This chipmunk can hold an item in its hands.
Happy folding!
March 2022 

NOA issue 561

NOA issue 561 Shoko's creations "Bird with cup" and " Triangular prism-shaped photo frame" were introduced in the May issue of the NOA Magazine #561.
Both of them are easy to fold. Bird with cup is simple. A traditional origami cup will change into a bird. You can decorate your favourite origami or photos with this photo frame.
Happy folding!
The cat was drawn by Samiro Yunoki.
January 2022 
February 2022 

NOA issue 560

Shoko's creation "Bunny’s lolly bag" was introduced in the April issue of the NOA Magazine #560.
Shoko pays omarge to Dr. Paulo Mitsuru IMAMURA. Having Inspired by his wonderful model "Trapezoid box", she beautifully transformed it into the Bunny's bag.
This is a lovely box for Easter.
January 2022 

BOS news

New Model Collection now on sale (December 31, 2021)
Find details>>
Although we had to cancel our in person conventions in 2020 we still made a model collection, which includes four great models by our brilliant guest Shoko Aoyagi.
January 2022 

Happy New Year

Shoko's creation "Crane-shaped stopper decoration on a diamond " was introduced in January issue of the NOA Magazine #557.
This is a decorative stopper for wrapping.
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