Origami Gallery
Crossing Abbey Road (Dec 2009) new
Photography: David Mane
Please view the Shoko's work! (Jan 2008)
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Renzuru 3 Renzuru 1 Renzuru 2
Hinadolls Snail 1 Snail 2
Love a Flower Curious Thirsty
Yummy! Bee 2 Bee 3
Found a Mantis! Lion & Mouse 1 Lion & Mouse 2
No Smoking 1 Little Match Girl 1 Little Match Girl 2
Little Prince in Japanese Garden
Bunnies with Veges Australian Butterfly
Photography: David Mane
New origami work has arrived! (March 2007)
Dove with your message
Photography: David Mane
Please view the Shoko's work! (March 2007)
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A calf  in a 'sunset pumpkin'  Turtle in Irish Sunset Real Motherhood
African Sunset African Sunset 2 Chick
Photography: David Mane
Please view the Shoko's work! (September 2006)
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Red Riding Hood Emperor's New Clothes Snow White
Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty Baa Baa Black Sheep
Photography: David Mane
Please view the Shoko's work! (November 2005)
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Wren Persian Longhair Gorilla
Giraffe Pond Turtle Wild Hog
Owl Crab Crow
Photography: David Mane
Please view the Shoko's work exhibited at Sydney Opera House! (September 2004)
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Fred visiting Georgina the Mole with geckos Sea-side scene Fun on the see-saw
Hungry Fox Hungry Fox  
Photography: David Mane
Shoko's origami is original and inspiring!
Wombat Fairy Penguin Platypus
Frog Cockatoo Gecko
Koala, Bilby & Cockatoo Elephant Mice & a Piece of Cheese
Apatosaurus Echidna
based on the Chinese traditional Origami `Lazy Susan`
Photography: David Mane
David Mane   Photographer

David Mane is a prominent Sydney photographer who was family friends with Shoko during her time in Sydney. He has won Australian and international prizes for a quirky and humourous approach to his images. His style works well with Shoko's love of unusual Origami and even though they are in different countries Shoko and David enjoy their creative partnership very much.
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