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March 2010
OK! That's two wet feet. Is this little guy worth it? (Capybara and Lion)
Photography: David Mane
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No disturbing the baby!
He's having his seaweed dinner.

Should I eat them or are they
going to eat me?

Did you know lions don't
like water?
I did.


You eat it, son.
I wasn't hungry anyway.

Kid, I told you.
No playing seesaw with your dinner!

There you go little fellow.
Eat those veggies.

Boy, am I hungry?
I could eat the wood and the nails too.

Yuk! How exactly did you find
the only spinach in this woodyard?

You're right.
It is a little spooky in here.

Morning Light
Taking a look around the Garden of Eden.
Photography: David Mane


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David Mane   Photographer

David Mane is a prominent Sydney photographer who was family friends with Shoko during her time in Sydney. He has won Australian and international prizes for a quirky and humourous approach to his images. His style works well with Shoko's love of unusual Origami and even though they are in different countries Shoko and David enjoy their creative partnership very much.
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