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Released on 13 October 2023!
Tsukutte! Kazatte! Gokko Asobi Kawaii Origami

Shoko’s new kids'origami book: "Tsukutte! Kazatte! Gokko Asobi Kawaii Origami" will be available on October 13th!
Children love playing make-believe! With this book, they can use origami to create 10 different make-believe scenes!

With the created scenes, they can play

  • house
  • weather forecasting
  • flower shop
  • bag shop
  • makeup
  • pet shop
  • restaurant
  • cafe
  • fruit shop
  • museum/planetarium

They will also become little designers, making geometric patterns.
Happy folding to all alongside Origami Bear!

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Shoko AoyagiShoko Aoyagi is a member and tutor of the Nippon (Japan) Origami Association, British Origami Society, Origami Society Netherlands and Hungarian Origami Society.

She was born in Japan. She is a very inspiring and creative teacher. She takes an original perspective to origami art.

She worked as a Concept Designer and Producer on commercials for seven years in Tokyo. Since 1998, she has led Origami workshops in Sydney at ECHO Neighbourhood Centre, primary schools, kindergartens, Waverley Library, Waverley Woollahra Arts Centre, Aged Care, Better Hearing Australia, The University of New South Wales and Art Gallery of NSW. In 2004, she led the Origami workshop at the Sydney Opera House to cerebrate Asian Arts.

She is an internationalist in the Origami world. Her busy working life in Australia was devoted to publishing, teaching & television appearances. Australians like a light-hearted approach and it was said that Shoko's popularity on national television was because her origami animals always looked happy. She created an ever-increasing number of Australian bushland figures that were loved by children and those looking for new cultural experiences.

She has left Australia now but is delighted to be back in Japan where she plans to mix her Aussie bush creations with a classical Japanese style. We can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Qualification: Origami Licence Number as Origami Instructor
No. 061-00103 (Authorized by Nippon (Japan) Origami Association)
Shoko will help you to create colourful, witty and creative origami pieces with original stories.

Origami lessons are also available in English for residents of the Tokyo or Saitama area.
If interested, please contact Shoko at
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