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I am happy to announce that as of April 12, 2013, my newest book, "Kawaii Dobutsu Origami" (Cute Animal Origami) can be ordered on-line from Jorigami. I have included the link below. Happy Folding!

The book contains many creative ideas for using these models. Some animals are action models while others will make especially beautiful greeting cards. I think my book will make a valuable addition to your origami library.

To purchase, click here (Amazon)

Shoko's Origami Books


Origami is so much fun and especially at Christmas time when you and your family can create stunningly original greeting cards, surprise boxes with gifts inside, beautiful decorations, advent calendars, angels and lots more.

Children will love making the magic wands, surprise snowmen, and gifts for their friends and family, along with lots of other fun things. The book has simple step by step illustrations and instructions that are easy to follow and specially designed for beginners. So even if you have never folded paper before, you will soon be amazed at what you can do.

Any paper that creases well can be used for the projects in the book. Pretty wrapping paper can work well, even plain A4 paper you can decorate.

There is limited stock left of my book 'Christmas Origami with Shoko' which can be ordered here.
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