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Shoko moved to Japan from Australia in February 2005.
She's now working based from Saitama.
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December 2010 new

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  December 2010 

Shoko's 'The Red Shoes by Hans Christian' was introduced with issue 4/2010 of Hungarian Origami magazine. This model is action origami. 
When you tap the top point, the feet and the pair of shoes will move forward and start to dance!

Novemer 2010

Shoko prized 'Fine Work' in the 17th Origami Carnival 2010. (right)
The theme of the Origami contest is 'Flower'.
Shoko recalled and folded the memory of her daughter when she was little.
A little girl is watering with a Green Elephant Water Can at her garden.

  October 2010

Shoko's Witch Card was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 5/2010).

Societeit Nederland (OSN)

July 2010

  July 2010

Shoko's Baby Jacket was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 4/2010).

I like this model, clothes for the newborn baby. It will fit for the new baby greeting card and a new album.

Societeit Nederland (OSN)

  July 2010

Shoko's Cat Box was introduced with issue 2/2010 of Hungarian Origami magazine.


  June 2010

Shoko's Teapot Envelope was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 3/2010).

Have a look at the front cover, it makes my mouth water. Looks sooooo yummy!

Societeit Nederland (OSN)

  April 2010

Shoko's Apple and Tree were introduced with ORISON magazine (number 2/2010).

I like the front cover, it is so beautiful!

Societeit Nederland (OSN)

  February 2010

Shoko's "Skier" was introduced with issue 260 FEBRUARY 2010 of British Origami magazine.


  February 2010

Shoko's Snake's head was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 1/2010).

I do like Thoki Yenn's Magic ring. There are lots of nice models. Worth reading really!

Societeit Nederland (OSN)


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  December 2009

Shoko's Wonderful Christmas Tree (with Box) was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 6/2009).

Societeit Nederland (OSN)

October 2009

The 16th Origami Carnival in 2009 Shoko prized 'FINE WORK' (right).

The theme of this Origami contest is 'Ecology'.
Shoko folded the scene of Tasha Tudor's Christmas.

  September 2009

Shoko's "Tissue box" was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 4/2009).
It was made of 4 origami Hearts.

Societeit Nederland (OSN)
  September 2009

Shoko's "Treasure bag" was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 150/2009).
This is useful.
I like "Torta a scatole" created by Pasquale D'Auria very much.

Societeit Nederland (OSN)
  June 2009

Shoko's "Triangular box with lid" was introduced with issue 256 JUNE 2009 of British Origami magazine.
  June 2009

Shoko's "Lucky elephant" and "Mantis" (action model) were introduced with ORISON magazine (number 3/2009).
I like the photos very much.They are so attractive.

Societeit Nederland (OSN)
  April 2009

Shoko's "Boiled egg in an eggcup'' was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 2/2009).
I like the front cover very much. It reminded me of the flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.It's quite beautiful!.

Origami Societeit Nederland (OSN)
  April 2009

My chick was introduced by Penny Groom, who is a Membership Secretary & Convention Bookings, British Origami Society, with NEW COUNTESTHORPE The Herald (issue 260, April 2009). I like the title 'A Hidden Easter Chick'. Thank you Penny. Please click the front cover. You can see the article.

Penny recently has published the new booklet, 'Simple Folds as featured in the Countesthorpe Herald 2002- 2008'. This booklet contains many of the models Penny has used in her bi-monthly column in her local free paper, the Countesthorpe Herald, between 2002 and 2008. I think worth having a copy!
If you would like to have a copy, go to
  March 2009

Everything Origami is published by Matthew Gardiner ,Airstrip and Melbourne Origami group, Folding Australia in 2008. (Hinkler Books Pty Ltd)
My creation 'Walking crab' is introduced in this book. This one book includes eight books which are Traditional, Decoration, Flowers, Toys, Practical boxes, Animals, Geometric and Dinosaurs. You would definitely love this book!
Most of the models except the traditional model are very new and cool! Also the diagrams are very clear to follow. Highly recommended! Have a fun with this lovely book!

Shoko Aoyagi
  January 2009

Shoko's Wonderful Christmas Tree (with Box) was introduced with issue 4 2008 of Hungarian Origami magazine. The delightful book that will offer to any folder who enjoys stimulating ideas and attractive designs. I enjoy the book very much. Thank you.
  December 2008

Shoko's "Gift Box", "Gift Box -shaped greeting card" and "Kimono - shaped wrapper" were introduced with ORISON magazine (number 6/2008).

Origami Societeit Nederland (OSN)
  December 2008

Shoko's Wonderful Christmas Tree (with Box) was introduced with issue 253 DEC 2008 of British Origami magazine.

Wonderful Christmas Tree (with Box)
  November 2008

Shoko was touched by the drawing of the garden 'Tearful eye' designed by Kenji Miyazawa, who is a Japanese poet and author of children's literature in Showa period. Shoko had decided to express this wonderful garden out of paper last year. Her hard works were rewarded. Shoko won the first award with the 15th Origami Carnival in 2008.
  October 2008

Shoko's "Sanbo Elephant" was introduced with ORISON magazine (number 5/2008).

Origami Societeit Nederland (OSN)
  September 2008

Shoko's "Who is hiding under the helmet?" was introduced with ORISON magazine. (number 4/2008)

Origami Societeit Nederland (OSN)
  July 2008 new

Japan Origami Symposium 2008 in Biwako (Japan)

Photo: International Exchange session
  February 2008

*Shoko's Wobbly Charlie Chaplin Paper Bricks was introduced with issue 248 Feb 08 of British Origami magazine.
British Origami magazine is full of rich articles and hot news. Definitely worth reading! Highly recommended!!
  January 2007

*Shoko's Postman Snail was introduced with Folding Australia 2008 Origami Convention Book.
For more information, please visit the following URL:

What a beautiful country Australia is!
You cannot afford to miss the next Origami Convention in Australia. So make a note FA3-2009.
  October 2007

The 14th Origami Carnival in 2007 Shoko prized 'FINE WORK' (left). The theme of this Origami contest is 'Time for Joy'.
Shoko folded a boy who is making the tall house with bricks.
Owl   Nippon Origami Association Award 2006

The 13th Origami Carnival in 2006 Shoko prized 'Nippon Origami Association Award'.

The theme of this Origami contest is folding the poem. Shoko folded the following poem written by Naoko Kudo.

Come here By Owl
When feeling sad, come to my place
My ears listen to your story.
  May 2006

Shoko's Teddy Bear was introduced with Paper Creations Cards and Gifits.

Paper Creations Cards and Gifts
ISBN: 0715321544 Author: Steve Biddle Megumi Biddle
Publisher: F & W Publications
  May 2006

Shoko led the workshop at Rakugakikko (Japan).
Kids enjoyed it very much.
  April 2006

*Shoko's Who is hiding under the helmet? was also introduced with issue 237 April 06 of British Origami magazine.

British Origami Society
  April 2006

Shoko led the workshop at Across Fukuoka (Japan).
It was very successful!
No Image   October 2005

The 12th Origami Carnival
Shoko prized 'Idea Award'.
  July 2005

Japan Origami Symposium

Photo: Japan Origami Association
  7th October 2004 (on air)

Shoko performed origami on Disney Channel!
  28th April 2003

View Shoko's origami work introduced on ABC!

  Art Gallery Kids Club Workshop

Shoko teaches origami in a class for children.
  2002 - Australia Shiseido Conference - Origami Activity

Shoko teaches origami to Shiseido (the Japanese cosmetic giant) staff.
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