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Photos from Tetsuya in France new!

Tetsuya Gotani introduced "Teddy Bears" at primary school. Look at these lovely teddy bears!
I like these drawings!


Christmas cards from Ria in Holland new!

I ’m glad to see these lovely Christmas cards!
Thank you, Ria.



Photos from Marianne Swiss

Marianne made beautiful "Prim cats".
Thank you so much for the lovely photos!


Photo from Gay in NY

Hi Shoko,

My very creative friend Margaret Wong, used your Present model for her holiday-themed ATC card — “Gift and Star Tag.” The Star on the Gift Tag (“Star Behind Star”), is a one-sheet star created by French folder Jacques Justin, over 40 years ago.



Photos from Silvia in Swiss

Dear Shoko

Last weekend we had our 21. Origami Convention in Gelterkinden. Do you remember? A few years ago we invited you as our guest. But you couldn't come. We were so sad. This year our theme was Switzerland. I remembered that you once created a bell. And so I showed this so nice and easy Origami in my Workshop. And the people were happy. All participants would fold this. So it was a big success. I send you a photo and send you many greetings from Gelterkinden

Silvia Rubin


Photo from James Simon at BOS spring convention in 2023

Dear Shoko

Thank you for permission to teach your model. Here is a photo of the class with their completed Teddy bears. We all enjoyed the fold.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.



Christmas ornaments from Hiromi in Japan
Hiromi sent me wonderful Christmas ornaments.
What a clever idea!
You can find these diagrams in our Origami Archive.
Click here>>
Thank you so much, Hiromi san.


Advent calendar from Marianne Swiss

Here is a wonderful advent calendar made by Marianne.
She referred to 'Santa on Skis' and 'Gift Box Card' of Shoko's creations. What a great idea!
You can find these diagrams in our Origami Archive.
Click here>>
Thank you so much, Marianne.


Photo and message from Gay in New York

My friend Carol Stevens in California, sent me a photo (see below) of your Cat Boxes, that she made to give out to the children trick or treating on Halloween.

Inside each she put a spooky-themed eraser.

She said that some of the kids asked for a second one for their sister or cousin, so she knew they were a hit!



Pendants from Maria in Columbia

Teeny-tiny ‘Le Petit Prince’ necklace created by Shoko folded by Maria from Colombia
They are amazing!
Thank you, Maria.


Photos from Hiromi in Japan

This can be a great Christmas gift or a party favor idea!
Lovely photo, thank you!


Photos and message from Marianne in Switzerland

I folded your lantern from the new NOA magazine issue #552. What a nice model!
Again I enjoyed the way it fo lded. How lovely! Just typical Shoko san. :-) Many thanks!
With your lantern I was able to cheer up a few origami friends who needed it. Also Katharina from Germany.
Attached you can see photos of a summer lantern with tea light and also a reversal box.
Above I did put a tea light, or tea bags and below candies. Well, I am fixing the middle part with glue a little bit. Especially if I want to give away the box.

Have a look to the photos! :-)


Photos and message from Gay Merrill Gross in New York new!

Hi Shoko,

I explained to the class that when I get to the elevator in my building, I sometimes remember that I have to go back to my apartment because I forgot my mask.
So I made a sign to hang or stand on a table near the door.


Photos and message from Gay Merrill Gross in New York

Hi Shoko,

I had my second summer origami class this week. I do not like the new location--a very crowded and heavy traffic area near Macy's called Greeley Square.

I taught your Sitting Dog and everyone enjoyed the model! And since I "internalized" the folding sequence to prepare for teaching the model, I think that I will now remember it without the diagrams!

The class organizer took these photos -- it's hard to see their dogs at such a distance and the students' smiles behind their masks! Tricia Tait is in the photo, as well as Mary Jane Manger and Talo Kawasaki. I am incognito behind the white mask and the yellow hat.



Photos from Hiromi in Tokyo

Hiromi made shoko's creation, Japanese Lantern Box ,which is introduced with NOA magazine issue #552, beautifully.
She used ’Grassine paper.'
Thank you for sharing them.


Photos and message from Marianne in Switzerland

I was so pleased with the new NOA Magazine and with your cute models of Boy Festival. Thank you so much!
Satako san gave me an input to make a cube. I was very happy about that! Have a look to the photos! :-)


Photos from you_and_me_25

"I like to fold origami from Shoko's origami cards and Teddy bears and Koala are my favourite, too!."

Great to hear you love my workcards!


Photos from Photo from sumirestagram

Kintaro and Bear created by Shoko are folded by sumirestagram.

The Kabuto in the background is made of a chocolate package. Great idea!


Photos and message from Marianne in Switzerland

Maneki-neko ( beckoning cat) is believed to bring good luck to the owner. Marianne folded some maneki-nekos ,created by Shoko Aoyagi, and took spring journey with them.
Thank you for wonderful photos, Marianne san. I really like her photos.


Photos and message from Marianne in Switzerland

Dear Shoko san

I still have to tell you about our weekend in the mountains. We met the winter and the first snow of the season 2020/21. It was quiet cold, but we had blue sky and sunshine. Just wonderful for hiking. On Evening back on the Internet I found a nice video Origami Clip on your homepage. How great to see you alive and speaking!!! :-) I was so happy! In a flash I took place at the video session and I folded the Squirrel with you and Mariela. Thank you so much for the session. On Saturday I took the Squirrel with me on our hike. Please look at the photos. :-) You made me happy and Ulrich had fun too. Please stay healthy and safe!

Warmly Marianne


Photo from Ellen in New York

Hello Shoko,

Thank you for the owl bag! I made this card for my daughter and son-in-law’s anniversary. It will bring a smile to their lips which we all need so much nowadays. Hope you and yours are well and stay well! Best wishes for a happy day.

Ellen A. Long Beach, NY


Photos from Marianne in Switzerland

Today I wish you a happy summer time with a gentle breeze from Lake of Zurich.
Your beautiful and amazing origami models make possible that I feel fine despite Corona ..
I have lot of joy to fold your models. Once again many thanks for your inspiration and for creating such exciting models for all of us around the world.
Best wishes for you and your family,


Swan (created by Shoko / folded by Marianne) Teruterubouzu envelope (created by Shoko / folded by Marianne)
Kusudama (created by Shoko/ folded by Marianne)
Chihuahua (created by Shoko /  folded by Marianne) 


Photo from Tetsuya in France

Dear Aoyagi san,

My origami class in the primary school.
Your origami models always succeed ! Today we folded "osuwari wanwan". I said, "Let's send our photo to Aoyagi san", then they were all excited !
"Thank you Aoyagi san !"

From France. Tetsuya Gotani

Cher Aoyagi san, Ma classe d'origami à l'école primaire. Vos modèles d'origami faires toujours du grand succès ! Aujourd'hui, nous avons plié "osuwari wanwan". J'ai dit, "Envoyons notre photo à Aoyagi san", et ils étaient tous excités !
"Merci Aoyagi san !"

De la France. Tetsuya Gotani

Mr. Gotani is not only a professional accordionist but also a promising origami creator. Thank you for folding my Sitting Dog origami with your students. His wife, Maiko teaches Japanese to the students.


Photo from Marianne in Switzerland

As I can see in NOA magazine, you are always busy creating beautiful models. That's so amazing and wonderful, Shoko! Many thanks for your great work! The origami models of you, I just love them. They are so clever and I also like to teach! In October we will fold the lovely Cat-shaped Box and the cute Hedgehog in Origami group.
Many, many thanks for exciting models.
Warmest wishes and spend well!
With love  



Photos from Ria in Holland

Dearest Shoko,

Mennorode was early this year, on march 8, 9 and 10th. It was a wonderful weekend. For the give away origami I used your gift box shaped envelop. Inside a piglet for Good Luck!

Best wishes from Ria Delvoye


Photos from Ágnes in Hungary

Some lovely Christmas photos arrived from Ágnes Horváth, Hungary.
I am so happy to see this charming Christmas tree with full of origami "Teddy Bear".
Thank you so much, Ágnes.
Really amazing!

Shoko Aoyagi


Photos from Hitomi in India

The Warli Tribe is one of the largest in India. Warli painting is a style of tribal art mostly created by the tribal people from the North Sahyadri Range outside Mumbai. Warli artists use their clay huts as the backdrop for their paintings, similar to how ancient people used cave walls as their canvases. These rudimentary wall paintings use a set of basic geometric shapes: a circle, a triangle and a square. These shapes are symbolic of different elements of nature.
The circle represents the sun and the moon, while the triangle derives from mountains and pointed trees. In contrast, the square appears to be a human invention, indicating sacred enclosure or a piece of land. Here on this wall display of origami titled 'WARLIGAMI NINJA' Fumie Takahashi & Hitomi Ashta have created Warli art through origami by folding.

Original item name (creator): Ninja (Shoko Aoyagi), Shuriken - Ninja weapon (traditional)


Photos from Linda in New Jersy

Dear Shoko,

My Special Sessions origami class at the museum was a great success! The students enjoyed folding and decorating your colorful and clever Christmas models. I have attached a few photos showing several of the students proudly holding their creations. Thank you for giving me permission to share your models with my large, happy group of folders today. Best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday and a healthy new year!



Photo from Marianne in Switzerland

The lovely Christmas Ambassador is on his way! :-)


Photo from Machiko in St Louis (USA)

The 41st Japanese Festival was held at Misssouri Botanical Garden on Sep.1st~3rd. It is one of most popular Festival in St.Louis.

I and 41 origami volunteers enjoyed origami with a lot of children. It was a fun event.
Kids love your Fairy Penguin, Sitting dog, Owl bag so much. We used 2396 sheets of papers for 3 days.

Thank you, Shoko-San.


Photo from Marianne in Switzerland

With great pleasure I received the new NOA magazine. And what did I see? A completely new crane model of yours! I just had to fold the model straight away. :-)
How pretty and what an exciting folding, dear Shoko! I always wonder how you can create completely new models. A crane shell from the basic folding of windmills, just amazing! You are a big origami creator, that’s sure.
Tomorrow, 1st of August we celebrate national day in Switzerland. I will decorate our table with your lovely crane bowls. Many thanks for the beautiful model! Soon you will fly to Hungary for the Origami Convention. I wish you a lot of success and joy with the people in Hungary. I am sure they will adore you.


Photo from Linda in New Jersey

Hi Shoko,
Look how happy the students who took my Special Sessions class, “From Shoko with Love”, are with their newly folded models.
Some favorites were your Fairy Penguin, Sitting Dog, Gift Box Greeting Card, and the Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf puppets.

A great time was had by all.


Photo from New Jersey
Dear Shoko,

Brandon, a young friend of mine, is going to be ten years old on Friday. He absolutely loves owls so I decorated his birthday card with two of your cute owls. I think he is going to love the card!

Linda xoxo


Photos from Adeline
Shoko's OWL was introduced with the Adeline Klam's weblog.


Photos from Marianne in Switherland

Dear Shoko We all say many many thanks to you for your lovely OWL BAG. We really enjoyed the folding!!
Just great!

xxx Marianne


Photos from Linda New Jersey USA

Shoko,Your newest owl was quite popular at the ornament exchange held at the LIFE origami weekend at Stony Brook University. I had fun folding them from holiday themed paper. Everyone thought they were so cute and I agree!



Photos from Linda New Jersey USA
Last week we had another bridal shower in school. One of our Kindergarten teachers is getting married on October 30th. She absolutely loves OWLS! Your origami owls were perfect for the centerpiece I made. I folded them out of scrapbook paper. The bride owl had a sparkly veil and the groom owl wore a tuxedo complete with a tiny bow tie. They stood under a tree branch filled with twirling origami hearts. Pumpkins and colorful leaves helped create an autumn theme. Everyone remarked at how cute the Owls looked. The bride loved it!


Photos from Rosemary Browne, Canada
Every so often a model comes along that captures me; such is the way for Shoko Aoyagi's: Velveteen Rabbit. A little challenging at first, which I like, and then to decide on paper choice. This little bunny indeed is one of my very favourite models.
Thank you to Shoko for sharing her diagram with me!


Photos from Brenda in Holland

I want to let you known that I am so happy to fold the models from your new book. When I started with folding the animals, I could not stop!!! They are so cute, and there was an idea. Shoko’s Zoo. I hope you like it. Thank you for all the joy, you give us with your lovely models!!!

Warmly Greeting from Brenda Woerlee


Photos from Marianne in Switzerland

Dear Shoko san

Today we celebrated your Teddys "Happy Day in Switzerland"! We had a lot of joy and fun with folding the cute, little bear. As you see, your Teddy has now a few more friends and followers. Your Teddy is a wonderful model! Thank you so much that we are allowed to fold it.

Warmest wishes from Switzerland,

Erika, Beatrice, Irene, Lillian, Petra, Manuela, Barbara, Eliane and Marianne

  Photo and message from Gay in New York

Hi Shoko,
Linda taught us your wonderful Sunflower from your new book, Girls Origami. It is so simple and clever!
I made it from small squares to use on a card.

  Photo & Message from Richtje in Holland

I love your Girls Origami book (ISBN 978-4-415-31985-8) and enjoy your models very much. I still go on folding them. Thanks a lot. Best wishes, Richtje.

Richtje is the creator of "Dancing frog" origami model. I really like her dancing frog . So I introduce her model with my new book.

  Photos & Messages from Linda in New Jersey

I was able use two of your original origami models in bridal shower centerpieces that I made for two teachers who work in my school. The first couple have two dogs so I folded and decorated a Sitting Dog bride and groom. Since the bride enjoys volleyball, I placed the dogs on either side of a heart-filled volleyball net. Oreos (the bride's favorite cookie), pastel colored flowers (to match the bridesmaids' bouquets), and the Italian flag (both bride and groom are Italian) completed the display.

The second shower had a nautical/ocean theme. I transformed your Pelican model into a bride and groom. Each pelican was holding a red heart in its beak. I folded the pelicans out of 12-inch scrapbook paper and their cute faces brought smiles to everyone. A heart filled lighthouse, sailboats, and two life preservers holding a wedding cake and champagne completed the display. Thanks Shoko, for such wonderful models!

  Birthday card from Gay Merrill Gross in New York

Here is the adorable birthday greeting card made by Gay Merrill Gross. Gay used my creation ``Penguin chick`` for this card. Her way to make this card is so clever! Thank you very much, Gay. Penguin chick can be found in my book, Kawaii Doubutsu Origami, which was published on September 12, 2012.

  Photos from Marjon in the Netherlands

Hello Shoko, At the last folding evening in december in Heerhugowaard we made your box with flower. People like this model. I'll send you a picture. It is not a very nice foto, but I hope you can see the models. Some people made only the flower and used them at a postcard or a christmas-card.

I hope you have nice Christmasholidays. So I wish you a pleasure oldyear happening. And for 2015 a happy folding year.

Friendly greetings,

Marjon Klokkemeijer

  From Michaël David in Belgium

We made our greetings cards this week-end!
Shoko, the kids loved fold your Christmas tree card!
Arigato Gozaimasu! (Les cartes de voeux sont faites! Les enfants se sont bien amusés!
Super origami de Shoko Aoyagi, Origami magazine 472, déc. 2014) Shoko Aoyagi

  Photos from Frances Ho in New York

Hi Shoko,

I had so much fun folding your owl for my ATC trade this year @ the NY Origami Convention.
Looking forward to meeting you in person someday :)

Thank you!


  Photos from Taeko KANEKO in Japan new!

Taeko taught some star festival decorations for primary school students. She introduced "water melon origami" and they enjoyed writing their secret wishes inside of the water melon origami.

**Star festival (Celebrated on July 7th) Taeko KANEKO in Kariya , Japan

  Photos from Chizuko in Chiba (Japan)

Ms Chizuko is the member of the Ocarina group. Ocarina is a wind musical instrument — a type of vessel flute.
She regularly visits the nursing home to play Ocarina with her group and always gives some small gifts "origami",  to 100  elderly people who lives in the nursing home.
Chizuko made many "Fairy Penguins"  this time and put them in the big boxes as a gift.   Fairy penguin that Chizuko folded made 100 people smile! So happy!
Chizuko's blog:
Thank you to fold many Fairy Penguins , Chizuko san!

  Photos from Linda in NJ (USA)

Dear Shoko

The teacher I work with is getting married in July. She loves dogs and recently adopted two black lab puppies from a shelter. Yesterday we had a surprise bridal shower for her. Since the theme of her wedding is "Black, White, and Bling", I folded 16 of your Sitting Dogs out of black and white scrapbook paper. The bride dogs wore rhinestone collars with silver heart charms and sparkly silver tuille veils. The groom dogs had handsome white bow ties and black ribbon collars. The wedding dogs were the talk of the shower. Everyone wanted to take a dog home, but the bride-to-be has decided to use the dogs as table decorations on her wedding day.

The dogs are my favorite origami model. They are fun to fold and always make people smile!

Your friend,


  Photos from Ellen in New York

Dear Shoko

Thank you for sending me the directions for your wonderful Cat's Tongue fold!

I made many of these for the Long Island Folding Enthusiasts Origami Heaven event last August. Everyone enjoyed them and I will send a few photos for you to see how they came out. I included some cat cookies with the pins as well for that all important snacking.

It is a great fold all by itself, but for the pin I added a body (made with a punch that is actually a vase) and a tail that was cut by a Cricut machine.

Thanks for all of your wonderful folds- hope to meet you one day in the future and thank you in person.

Best wishes,


  Photos from Brenda in Holland

I want to show you this card, which I made with your model the Dove!!! Hopefully do you like it. Your lovely book Kawaii Doubutsu Origami is a big inspiration for me. Thank you for giving me so much fun.
Warmly greeting from Holland
Brenda Woerlee

  Letter from Mizuyo in Nagoya (Japan)

Mizuyo made this lovely cat out of wrapping paper. You can insert the letter into its body. How lovely it is!
She uses the colourful round stickers for eyes and the mouth. So cute! I love this:0)
Kawaii Doubutsu Origami shows how to fold this cat.

  Photos fromSachie in Okinawa (Japan)

I look after the origami club at Yui/Heart Fukushikai that is the training institute for the handicapped people. On Wednesday 15th of May we made Fairy Penguins and played with magnets. Placing the magnet inside of the Fairy Penguin and set another magnet close to it, the Penguin walks!! Everyone enjoy with them.
Thank you, Shoko
Sachie Furugen

  Photos fromCarla in Netherland

Hello Shoko,

Hope you had a good flight back to Japan. Did you enjoy the Origami-weekend at Mennorode? See any other Dutch sightseeing things or did you go straight back on Monday? You were very busy all the time with teaching all the ladies that wanted to know how you fold your wonderful items.

Loved the bears on the chair, a pity I could not get a place at your table for these, but I have your book so I can do the bear myself. And I totally forgot to let someone take a photo of you and me...but who knows... perhaps in the future :o) I have put a photo of your treasure bag fold in this mail, see below.

Folded them for the members/attendees that were at the convention, to put on their keycord. The only thing I did not do was folding in the little point on the top of the treasure bag, no good for my fingers!

And thank you again for bringing me your origami book. Have a nice weekend.

  Photos from Marianne in Switzerland!

Dear Shoko

Already for many years I visit your wonderful Origami homepage. Your models to the proverbs are so attractive and surprising. You have already inspired me many times to new one. I thank you so much. On Origami Convention in Mennorode/Nederland 2013, I had the great chance to meet you. I was so happy! By this occasion I showed you the photo of the cake to the baptism of our grandson Nils. You asked me to put the picture in the gallery. With pleasure! Maybe the inspiration goes on!? Thanks a lot, dear Shoko for your generosity for sharing your charming origami models.

With love

Marianne from Switzerland

PS. Creator of the Baby: Shoko Aoyagi Creator of Baby Shoes: Yamaguchi Makoto

  Photos from Hitomi in India

Today (Jan.16th) Oritai members enjoyed Shoko's 'Fairy Penguin'. Sandhya, one of the executives taught this item with some songs. It was like 'Storigami'!!
Oritai members are from 3 to 85 years old and from various walks of life.
In fact, today 6 months old baby also enjoyed chowing penguin!! Shoko came to India last January and visited Oritai, too. We are waiting for her to come again very soon...
Thank you, Shoko!! We miss you!!

Hitomi Ashta

    Dear Shoko

In today's meeting we learned Shoko san's penguin and a couple of penguin songs/rhymes. As many of the members who attended and enjoyed the meeting, requested for the lyrics of penguin rhymes. These are:

Ten Little Penguins
One little, two little, three little penguins,
Four little, five little, six little penguins,
Seven little, eight little, nine little penguins,
Ten little penguin chicks.

A little penguin

I'm a little penguin short & round
Swimming in the sea is where I'm found.
Eating lots of fish day and night,
Wobbling---- around I'm a silly sight


  Photos from Hisako in USA

Hi Shoko,
Merry Christmas to you and your family! Our family and relative's Christmas party for this year, I gave out to all 30 adults and 2 little girls one of your masterpiece, "Toddling Penguins" as a party favor. Everyone loved it !! The girls were so happy and took few to share with their friends.

Thank you Shoko for sharing your wonderful model.

Hisako Tanji

  Photos from Hisako in USA

Hisako introduced children "Traditional Origami Helmet" in her Academic Origami class. She gave them "Christmas Stocking with 3 Pockets" which Shoko Aoyagi created. They loved the gifts.
What a great idea Hisako used nice printed paper!


  Photo from Hisako in USA

Hello Shoko,

The 11th Autumn Festival was held at the aquarium in Long Beach.
I introduced "Fairy Penguin" ORIGAMI.
We all enjoyed it and had a great time! 
Thank you, Shoko.


  Adorable Card from Wies in The Netherlands

Dear Shoko,

As promised I made a card for you with a model from your new book "Cute Animal Origami" .かわいいどうぶつおりがみ In The Netherlands Autumn has begun. So I made a card in that atmosphere.
It's a tent card with the squirrel from your book, autumn leaves (model Elsje van der Ploeg) and acorns ( model H.Tangsma)

Best Wishes,


  Photos from Ellen in Long Beach, NY

HI Shoko! I just wanted to tell you that the card class at Origami Heaven 2012's Long Island Fold Fest (Stony Brook, NY) went really well! They loved your Treasure Bag!

First we folded it out of 12" colorful scrapbook paper and wrapped "raffia" around the waist of the bag. We all felt it would make a lovely card on its own.

Then we moved on to make the card embellished with your small Treasure Bag. I cut 6" chiyogami paper into five inch squares and they used the leftover piece to make a band for the Treasure Bag. Each class member had a kit that my co-teacher Barbara Syrett and I prepared ahead of time. The kit included the cardstock for the card, embellishments and your much-appreciated directions. We even made an envelope for the card using the Scor-Pal (a great scoring tool) with a plastic 45 degree triangle.

I have more photos to send may see some familiar faces! They all did a beautiful job and we all had a lot of fun too.

Best wishes and thank you again for sending directions for such a useful and charming fold! Perhaps you will attend Origami Heaven one day - it's a special event!

Ellen Aronson (Long Beach, NY)

  Photos from Sanchi in New Delhi, India

Aoyagi sensei, I am a student of Hitomi sensei in India. I would like to send you a picture of penguins that we made during our class.
Hope you like them.

  Photo from Alexander (Colombia)

This models are folded for my friends Carolina Zafra and Innavoig Otneimras Orelav.
Greetings from Colombia and Merry Christmas

 by Alexander Rodriguez Riaño

  Photo from Mrs.Taeko Kaneko in Aichi prefecture (Japan)

Mrs. Kaneko introduced how to fold origami puppet ( see origami archive 's Wombat diagrams) for grade 1 and 2 students at primary school.

10 cm x10cm origami paper is just right size for their fingers. Once they remember how to fold the basic puppet (wombat), they can easily make other animals, such as piggy, doggy or cat with changing the ear's folding. They enjoyed folding and drawing the faces on them so much.

Thank you for sharing the diagrams.

  Photos from Linda in NJ (US)

Hi Shoko,
Recently I taught four lovely young ladies how to fold your Sitting Dog. We used 12-inch squares of colorfully patterned scrapbook paper and added ribbon collars.
A good time was had by all!

Linda from NJ

  Photo from Michiko Watanabe in Japan

Mrs Watanabe introduced Origami as one of art therapies for everyone in Shizuoka prefecture. She introduced Shoko's Cat and the chair for her classes.
Here is the photo.

  Photos from Kyoko in Japan

Kyoko, a Yogo teacher (school nurse) and the students spent one week at Exploris Middle School in USA this summer. She talked about 'Sadako and one thousand of paper cranes story' and then she introduced how to fold a paper crane to EMS students. She also introduced how to fold 'Sitting Dog' to them. The sitting dog looks like the mascot of EMS, Bristol. So it was so popular.
Here is the photo. Cute isn't it!

View all the photos>>

  Photo from Annie in Texas

Dear Shoko,

Thank you so much for sharing your model. Attached here is my origami decoration for Halloween.

Annie Hello from Texas

  Aloha Shoko

I taught your Fairy Penguin to local Singapore students at 5OSME Plus Singapore.
Everyone was very happy! See photo.

Aloha, Deb Pun Discoe

I like Deb's report of 2009 Origami Holiday Tree at Kona Airport with issue 103 the PAPER the magazine of Origami USA. Absolutely wonderful!

  Photos from Mieke in Holland

Hi Shoko, We have had a beautiful day last Saturday. Thank you very much for your model. (Hat)

With love

Mieke Legius

To view all the photos, please click here. 

  Photo from Mrs Takako Hirai in Japan

Mrs Hirai is the leader of the science group 'Cosmo' in Tokyo, Japan that she established 22 years ago. The aim of the group is to enrich kids' mind through the science activities. Every Saturday, kids learn science with books and activities from Mrs. Hirai. Last Saturday, she talked about the feature of penguin with kids and then she introduced how to make origami 'Fairy Penguin'. Kids made their penguins and enjoyed so much.

  Photos from Carla in Holland

Hello Shoko,

Hope you are well.
Two weeks ago we had our yearly Origami-weekend here in the Netherlands. Since Linda Bogan showed your models 2 years ago I really like them. Every year we get a keychain and it has become an yearly thing to fold something that can be worn on the keychain. This year I folded 50 of your little gift boxes for swapping with the other members.

Also made this card with your crane on it.

Groetjes / Greetings / Hugs
Carla from the Netherlands

  Photos from Erny in Colombia

New Fairy Penguins  

Erny Ernesto Del Rio Jimenez

  Photo from Erny in Colombia
Hello Shoko

I am from Colombia, my city is Pereira, I am an architect, master the origami and I love your designs, it is a pride for my being your friend and that you write me, in my group of Origami you can see my works A hug, thank you for everything

Erny Ernesto Del Rio Jimenez

  Photos from Linda in USA

Our town had a Green Day in the park. There were displays about recycling, saving energy, reducing waste, and other ways to help the Earth. I taught origami using recycled paper instead of kami. I cut squares from the brown paper bags our Whole Foods Supermarket uses to pack groceries in.Your Australian Butterfly and Sitting Dog were two of the most popular models that day.

Hiroko, a waitress at our favorite Japanese restaurant, graduated from college. She was an English Literature major who loved Shakespeare. So your clever Shakespeare model was a perfect decoration for the front of a card I made for her.

When I was asked to teach a summer-themed workshop at a local library, I chose your easy watermelon model. See how happy the boys and girls are as they hold up their colorful slices.

  Photos from Tricia in NYC, USA

Hello Shoko- I want to let you know how much I enjoy your 'kimono shaped letter' that was in a recent NOA magazine. It's such a clever design that is easy to fold and teach. We recently had our Origami USA convention so I gave out 100 little notefolds as gifts. Making the 'belt' a bit thinner to represent more of a happi coat, I wrote on the enclosure: "Wishing you a convention 'coated' with 'happi' memories!" On the other side I noticed there is a pocket so I put a small piece of candy in it :-)

Thank you for sharing your wonderful origami models!
regards, Tricia Tait nyc

*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photos from Kathy in Iowa, USA

Shoko, I just wanted to inform you that I used your vase for my origami on ATC's for trade at the convention in New York in June. I know you like to see how your things are used. I put your web address on the back of each card in case others want to make the vase. I used a 2.75" square for the vases. ATC's are 2.5" x 3.5". Kathy in Iowa

*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photo and message from Himanshu (Mumbai, India)

Hello, Today I conducted a workshop for a few children and their mothers. We folded the 'Easy-Peasy Heart' among other models.I'm sending a photo of us holding up the finished model. The group enjoyed folding the heart. Thank you for sharing your work.
Best regards,

Himanshu Agrawal

*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photos and message from Mieke Legius (Holland)

Hello Shoko, I could not go to the weekend in Hungary last year. But I was in Hungary in May and I have tought the teeter totter to Ildiko. So she introduced the teeter totter on the origami weekend. I have found your Christmas tree with box in the magazine from Hungary and I like to use this tree this year in my Christmas origami workshops at home. It is a very nice tree.

With love Mieke Legius

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  Photo from Carla in Nederland

Hello Mrs Aoyagi, I'm Carla from the Netherlands and I met up for the 2nd time this year with Linda Bogan. She had a wonderful display at the origami-weekend. I learned from her the Gift box greeting card and made this one for a friend in the USA. Had a look at your website and put in under my favourites :o)
Greetings from the Netherlands Carla van der Mei

*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photo from Wies in Nederland

Wies is fond of my Lucky Elephant. She has several cards with the model.
She sent one of them. Isn't it beautiful!

See diagram>>

*Click photo to enlarge.

Photos from Linda in USA
  Easter 2008
Your Unit Bunny was part of my table centerpiece. For the chicks I folded your Fairy Penguin in yellow paper and added an orange beak.

*Click photo to enlarge.
  OSN 25th Anniversary Convention at Mennorode, The Netherlands, April 2008.
The pictures show an overview and some close-ups of my popular display featuring many of your delightful models.

*Click photo to view slideshow.
  Julie and Kevin's Wedding
My niece and her fiance are great dog lovers. For their wedding I folded over 70 of your Sitting Dogs. They were used as place cards at the wedding reception. I used 12" squares of scrapbook paper in tones of pink and brown to match their theme. Pink and white polka dot ribbon bows adorned the dogs' necks. The dogs looked adorable, were quite unique, and received many complements!

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  Photo from Mrs. Mitsuyo Hayashi in Japan

This photo will be included with the information paper of Owariasahi city issued on the 1st of July 2008.

  Photos from Wies in Netherlands

Dear Shoko,
Last year I sent you two cards with the "lucky elephant" Because I like this model very much, I made two other cards with it and a card with the bear with heart I would like to share the results.
Greetings from the Netherlands, Wies

*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photo from Tricia in US

Hi Shoko-
I enjoy folding your puppy dog model very much. So glad you created it! I recently taught it to my folding group and made kits for them. I made a copy of the diagram and folded it up so it would contain the model paper (brown Kraft), dots for the eyes, a colored rubber band for the collar- which also helps hold the model together, a dog bone paper clip, a folded message, and a thin magnet. The magnet went inside the model and allowed the message with the dog bone to easily attach to it. Since the folded diagram contained all the pieces to make the completed dog- I called it a "doggie bag" :-)
warm regards,

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  Message from Rob in UK

Rob Curry is the new Outreach Co-ordinator for a project called SERPENT at the National Oceanography Centre in the UK, which uses commercial ROVs to take pictures of deep-sea creatures, some which have never been seen before. His job is to educate school children and the public about what his project does. Rob reported of the activity with the traditional fish instruction from my website on Saturday 15 of March 2008.
Thank you for the report, Rob.

Hi Shoko

Thought you'd like to know that the event on Saturday went very well, and guess what the most popular activity was? - yes, your fish! I printed three copies of the instructions to use on the day, but people took them all, so I was left to show each child how to do it (actually meant that I was a one-man production line for fish!).


Photo from Mrs Hayashi in Japan

On Sunday 2nd of March 2008 Mrs Hayashi led the Hina doll Origami workshop at Doudan-Tei,- Owariasahi City, Aich Pref. Japan.

She introduced visitors how to fold the Mouse Hina dolls wearing Kimono, which is created by Shoko Aoyagi. About 60 people enjoyed folding Mouse Hina dolls. Thank you for the photos, Mrs. Hayashi.

To view photos,
click here.

'Teeter-Totter Penguin' created by Shoko Aoyagi in 2005. You can put some sweets in the Teeter-Totter's back.
  Photo from Joyce in USA

Hi Shoko

I took my photo of the penguins dressed for Christmas and made them into a Valentine's card. it was very successful thanks to the excellence of your model. my best to you as always.

joyce saler

*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photo from Ellen in New York

Hi! I was first introduced to your work at the Origami convention when everyone was making the adorable penguin. What a special fold. I was then taught the dog by Tricia Tait and when my friend's dog Rocco died, I sent her this "condolence card." Thank you for so many wonderful folds-- one day I hope to make the adorable "Chicken Soup" card -- you have such great ideas! Thank you again. Hope some day you can come to the OrigamiUSA June Convention.

Best Wishes,
Ellen Aronson Long Beach, NY

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  Photo from Gerd in Germany

The Christmas tree card refers to the "Christmas Origami with Shoko" book.

Please go to

Hello Shoko, I made a "Christmas tree" with a design of you. I thought it last week on a meeting about " Didactic and methodic of origami especially about Origami and Math/Geometrie. Now I thought, that your design is fine for every one to make a "original personal design of a Christmas tree". So I give a short explanation to fold the tree on my phototream at flickr.

Also you can see at Flickr some examples what I did make for two christmas markets here; what we earn, we give to a evangelic sister in Cameroun, who works with children without parents and Aids-children....

You can see more on Flickr and "gerd2007"... I wish you nice days and all the best for the rest of the year and for the coming next year!

Greetings from here Gerd

  Photos from Kathy in Iowa, USA November 2007
Shoko, I thought you would not mind if I taught the penguin twice. These pictures are when I taught your model along with some others for World Origami day at a rubberstamp store, Reinbeck. I am back from PCOC where I took pictures also. I downloaded them to my new laptop to make room in my camera for more pictures. Now I can't find them on the computer. When my son visits again I will ask him to help. I can't imagine what I did wrong. I not only lost pictures of the class but step by step directions of classes I took along with some wonderful origami from the Master's exhibit. If I find them in my computer I will send them to you. Also I am going to make a request to the O-list to see if anyone else has some. Pictures were take but I do not know if they are on any lists.
Thank you for your permission. We did them out of 10 inch paper and they went very fast.


To view more photos, please click here.

  Photos and Messages from Susanna (Hungary)

Dear Shoko!

It was great to meet a lot of friends at the BOS convention - and do nothing but folding for a weekend. As I promised you, I taught one of your model, the Lucky elephant, to people whom maybe you know. David Lister is the living bibliography of origami history: he knows about the origami's past more than other can imagine. John Cunliffe was one of the founders of the BOS, and i taught the elephant to him, when we met in russel Hotel, on a memorial day, whenre the forst meetings were held 40 years ago. Joan Homewood is the president of BOS, she liked your model very much. Marieke came from holland, and she enjoyed the lucky elephat - promised to teach to everyone. She said she knows your models, and your penguine is her favourite. Charlotte Pfeiffer came from Switzerland - we were room-mates. We folded several elephants together. At the dinner I went to the other tables and give elephants to people who were in friendship with Alain Georgeot (he is ill, could not come to the convention9 and they wrote messages on the elephants. So your models will reach Alain Georgeot in France - with the friendly messages. Hope you will enjoy the photos!

With warm greetings: Susanna

I had three sunny days in London after the convention, with my son. He took the photo of me on the Tower Bridge.

Hungarian Origami Society

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  Beautiful cards and message from Wies (Netherlands)

Hello Shoko, Thank you for your wonderfull diagrams. I am very fond of making cards. Making them with origami is one of the techniques I use. I just made two cards with your lucky elephant and thought you might like to see what they look like. So I take the opportunity to send them to you and hope you like them.

Best wishes, Wies

To view all the photos, please click here. 



Dear Shoko,

Here are some photos from the Hungarian convention in Pecs. They show: the model menu (choose which picture you like best), some dogs lined up on the windowsill of the classroom I taught in, an assortment of butterflies I made into pins and handed out to the students in my class and other folders at the convention, and some pictures of my class with their Australian butterflies and Sitting Dogs. Everyone loved both models! They were cute, colorful, and fun to fold.

Take care.

Love, Linda Bogan

To view all the photos, please click here. 

  Photo from Joyce (USA)

Joyce Saler taught my chicks and Penguin box at Origami USA New York convention 2007. Joyce said it was successful. Here is the photo of the chicks on the model menu. This menu helps people select the classes they wish to attend. I am so glad that Joyce introduced my models. Thank you so much to Joyce. Here is the OUSA homepage address:

*Click photo to enlarge.

Xmas tree   Photo from Gerd (Germany)

Look at the beautiful Christmas tree!

With a picture of the christmas tree in our school entrance hall (do you see the origami trees and stars from your book?- made by tmy classes 3 and 4..... ) , i will send to you my best wishes for christmas and a happy new year!


*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photo from Tricia (USA)

Nakajima's work (Fairy Penguines) displayed at NOA Museum

" I enjoyed being greeted by penguins at my visit to the NOA museum!"

*Click photo to enlarge.

  Photos and message from Mieke (Holland)

Hello Shoko,

Thank you again for using your diagrams. The people did love it.
The first three photo's are from my origamiday St. Pli.
The last three from the children in Hungary.
With kind regards

Mieke Legius 

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Ryota made his penguines

He cleverly made the colourful penguines.
He joined the workshop at Across Fukuoka (Japan) in April.

Ryota said "I enjoyed the workshop very much!"


  Photos and Message from Gerd (Germany)

Hello Shoko,

here are the newest photos from the pelican, made by the kids of the second class (age about 9 to 10 years old).
They had much fun and send greetings to you.... I told about you and that we had contact through Internet...

Greetings to you from all of us to you - we have now the end of wintertime - the springtime begins and the snow smelt away...and the SUN is shining!


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The Annual Dutch Origami 2006 Convention

Dear Shoko,

The computer teacher in school has graciously helped me scan and send these photos to you. I hope you can see how wonderful your models were and how beautiful they looked on my display. Also see how happy the women looked while they were folding your models.

I hope you enjoyed your trip. I just received my NOA magazine yesterday and saw your new models in it. I am looking forward to folding them on the weekend.

Enjoy the pictures!

Happy Spring!!!

Thinking of you,


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  From Yasuko wishing 'Peace'

Yasuko sent a beautiful piece of work!
She referred to 'Bear with Heart' and 'Hearty Bird'.


Marlene from Sydney!

She made Santa and card (from 'Christmas Origami with Shoko') with her friend's grand-daughter.

  Susumu Nakajima

Sept. 30 to Oct 2, 2005... Phoenix, AZ -- -- PCOC - Pacific Coast Origami Conf. - To be held at the Sheraton/Starwood Four Points Hotel in Phoenix, AZ.
Please visit the website at

(October 2005)

Miranda Dolphin Guides Endangered Australian Animals Mother Daughter Camp

(September 2005)


Gifu Butsuri Circle

Using Chubby Santa Bag

(September 2005)

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