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August 2017   New!
Shoko's two new creations, Black Cat and Pointed Hat, were introduced in the October issue of the NOA Magazine #506.
For the best result, Shoko suggests that you use 12 cm. squares to fold a large cat and 7.5 cm squares for a small cat.
Shoko thinks that you will enjoy the folding sequence for the Pointed Hat. The hat makes a lovely decoration for Halloween.
July 2017  
Shoko's two creations, Ninja and Bag, were introduced in the September issue of the NOA Magazine #505.
The Ninja is cleverly designed to hold a shuriken. Just insert the hands of the Ninja into the pockets of the shuriken.
The Bag is another delightful and useful model. For the best result, Shoko recommends using a sturdy paper to fold the bag. Papers that will work well are tant, photo copy, and scrapbook. Choosing paper with a pretty design will make a beautiful bag.
Happy Folding!
April 2017 
Shoko's creation "Umbrella" was introduced in the June issue of the NOA Magazine #502.
In Japan June is rainy season.
Happy folding!
March 2017 
Shoko's creation "Sun" were introduced in the May issue of the NOA Magazine #501.
I like ‘‘smiling Sun‘‘.
February 2017  
Shoko's creations "False holly and The head of sardine" and "Cowbell" were introduced in the February issue of the NOA Magazine #498.
False holly and the head of sardine  are  for Setsubun.
The cowbell is one of icons of Switzerland.
February 2017  

The newest issue of Tokyo Walker, a magazine about Tokyo, features some interesting shops in the Ebisu area. One shop is called Paper Story. It sells beautiful papers, greeting cards, and other decorative items.

Mr. Maezono, a reporter for Tokyo Walker and a former player on the Japanese National Football Team, visited Paper Story with a member of his staff. After Mr. Maezono selected his favorite Rossi paper (, I taught both visitors how to fold the Owl Bag, an original origami model I created. The folded owls looked splendid! If you would also like to fold this cute owl, please check out the January 2017 issue of the NOA Magazine #497.

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