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BOS issue 342   new! 
BOS Hull September 2023 Convention /Exhibition review: reported by Ameet Vaghela.

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Landelijke Oridag 2023  new! 
Shoko's model "Basket with ribbons" was introduced in the Landelijke Oridag 2023 booklet.
More than 100 participants enjoyed this event.
NOA BOOKS Kessakusen50   new! 

NOA new book has been released!
This book is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Japan Origami Association. 50-piece reselect from many works introduced with NOA magazines.
Shoko's piece "Fairy Penguine" is selected for this book and this is a must-have book for origami lovers!

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ORISON issue #2023/5   new! 
Shoko's model ” Two Colour Package ” was introduced with ORISON issue #2023/5.
This package is simple and joyful!
Happy folding!
NOA issue 579   
Shoko's creation "Santa tray " was introduced in the December issue of the NOA Magazine #579.
Happy folding
NOA issue 578  
Shoko's creations "Blintz with kimono obi" was introduced in the November issue of the NOA Magazine #578. This model is one of my favourite creations.
Happy folding!
August 2023  

Autumn Convention in England!

Shoko is a special guest for the Autumn Convention held by British Origami Society.
It will be held on the 15 to 17 September 2023.
Shoko is looking forward to seeing origami friends there!
More details, click here.

August 2023   new!   

Origami Play Essentials – review

Shoko's book "Origami Play Essentials" is reviewed by Nick Robinson, the President of BOS.
Hope you read the review and enjoy Shoko's book.

To read Nick's review, click here.
June 2023 

NOA issue 575

Shoko's creations "Mermaid " was introduced in the August issue of the NOA Magazine #575.
Happy folding!

April 2023 

NOA issue 574

Shoko's creations "Botton Cover" and "Glasses Stand" were introduced in the July issue of the NOA Magazine #574.
The Botton Cover is a unique origami model. The Glasses Stand is easy to fold.
Happy folding!

"Botton Cover" and "Glasses Stand" - folded and photographed by Chika Umeoka
April 2023

NOA issue 573

Shoko's teaching experinece of origami in Sydney was introduced in the June issue of the NOA magazine #573.

5.5 Kodomo no hi - Children's Day

Kodomo no hi, "Children's Day," is celebrated every year on 5th May in Japan. Koinobori (close carp streamer) , the symbol of the day, are flown on poles outside of buildings and houses to wish luck and fortune to the children.
How to create Koinobori is introduced with HugMug website.
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Happy Easter
Doll's Day or Girls' Day, so-called Hinamatsuri, it celebrated on 3 March of each year in Japan.
February 2023

A First Book for Origami Play

Shoko's new book "Hajimeteno origami asobi for 1.2 and 3 years old" - "A First Book for Origami Play" releases on 16th February. Toddlers cannot yet fold origami well but they do know how to play with paper! This book introduces creative paper activities for little fingers that is so enjoyable! Origami exercise is also lots of fun! This book is a must-read for all mothers, fathers, preschool teachers and all others taking care of children.
Check it out!
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This book can be purchased from overseas.
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3.3 Hinamatsuri
Doll's Day or Girls' Day, so-called Hinamatsuri, it celebrated on 3 March of each year in Japan.
The Feast of Saint Valentine
January 2023 

NOA issue 571

Shoko's creations "Koala x 6" was introduced in the April issue of the NOA Magazine #571.
Let’s make six koalas, you can make a circle or a spring to insert their ears into the gaps.
Happy folding!

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A Happy New Year!
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