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July 2019  New!

Shoko's creations "A spinning top transformed from a box" was introduced in the September issue of the NOA Magazine #529.
I hope you like this model. You can make various patterns on the white bottom part and enjoy the changing pattern by spinning the top.
Happy folding!

July 2019



This is a convention book from the 18th Outdoor Origami Meeting (Galicyjska Grupa Origami Poland). It consists of lots of fun origami diagrams, such as "Chin Chin Star" created by Maria Sinayskaya, the Diagonal tool box by Christiane Bettens, Paula Versnick's wonderful models, Kresimir Rajki's elegant Swan.... and so on.
My creations, such as the Traveller's Suitcase, Stump Pen Holder, Hedgehog Paper Clip Holder, Fawn, Bird, Teddy Bear, Squirrel, Acorn, Dandelion Bowl and Double Cherry Blossom Bowl, are also included.
You can see the beautiful tessellation diagrams, too.
I highly recommend this book. Happy folding!

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April 2019


Shoko's creations " Traveler's suitcase" was introduced in the June issue of the NOA Magazine #526. I hope you like this model. Happy folding!

Shoko Aoyagi

February 2019

Shoko's creations " Triangular crane Tato" and "Squirrel and Acorn" were introduced in the May issue of the NOA Magazine #525.
Squirrel is so popular. Squirrel can hold a box by itself. See the photo. It is fun.
Happy folding!

Shoko Aoyagi

February 2019 

Hello Folding Friends,

I would like to share some exciting news with you.

I have been invited by the GGO, the Galician Group of Origami, to be the special guest at their 18th annual Outdoor Origami Meeting in Krakow, Poland from 2nd - 5th May, 2019.

The theme of this year’s meeting is Holiday Spirit..

I am looking forward to my first visit to Poland and meeting many wonderful and talented folders there. Only two months to go!

For further information, please visit


Shoko Aoyagi



February 2019 

Shoko's creations, " Watering Can" was introduced in the April issue of the NOA Magazine #524.
Happy folding!

February 2019 

Shoko's creation "Triangular shaped Crane" diagram was introduced in the February 2019 issue of the BOS Magazine #314.

January 2019  
Winter greetings to my origami friends!
As 2019 begins, I hope you are happy and healthy. It is my hope to create models like this Double Cherry Blossom Bowl to bring you cheer throughout the year.
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