The Christmas cookies used for the card are from my favorite shop hana.
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December 2018   New!   

Shoko's creation "Playtime with Daddy" was introduced in ORISON Magazine #2018/5.
Inspiration came from a children book drawn by Samiro Yunoki. (Yunoki's website)

November 2018

Time for preparing Christmas cards?
I would like to share my diagrams of Santa 2018 for the seasons greetings .
Happy folding everyone!
Shoko Aoyagi
Download Diagrams>>

October 2018   

Shoko's creations, "Jolly Santa Greeting Card","Bear doll" and "Yuzu" were introduced in the December issue of the NOA Magazine #520.
Happy folding!

You can glimpse Hungarian origami convention in 2018, too. The photos of Hungarian Origami convention (30th Anniversary) were introduced in the Origami Gallery section .

"Girl's Origami"    New!

Shoko's 'Girl's Origami' is available at the Origami USA website. 
Very popular issue so please check it out!

Click here to view and purchase.

Hungarian Origami Society ORIGAMI MAGAZINE 2018/2     New!

This is a beautiful origami magazine that was filled with diagrams for many of my origami models.
Such as Bone, Bulldog, Food bowl, Matryoshka, Little Red Riding Hood, Teddy Bear, Sun, Walking duck, Walking crab, Cat, Bag, Triangular prism box, Fairy penguin and Wreath.

August 2018 

On 21st August, I appeared in the radio program as a guest. I talked about the diffrences in traditional and modern origami and introduced an action origami to the radio personality.
It was a fun!

August 2018  
The report of the 29th International and National Origami Convetion in Hungary is coming soon!

July 2018  

Shoko's newest creation, Crane shaped container was introduced in the September issue of the NOA Magazine #517.
Happy folding!

July 2018  

Shoko's two new creations, 'Mermaid' and 'Матрёшка' , were introduced in the Origami Garden section of the NOA Magazine #516.
This section features colorful photos of the two models.

June 2018 
Shoko's creations , Orihime, Hikoboshi and Watermelon are introduced with the Web magazine "mercidays by HugMug" They are for the decoration for the star festival.
Happy folding!
June 2018   
Shoko's new origami model "Gold Fish" was introduced with "hitotoki" magazine.
You can get the magazine at Science Home showroom or Aeon Shopping Center in Jappan.
May 2018  
Hello, everyone

I love to share great news with you! I'm invited to the 29th International and National Origami Convetion in Hungary (10 -12 August 2018) as a special guest.
The Hungarian Origami Society celebrates the 30th anniversary this year.
I'm so excited my first visit to Hungary!
Looking forward to meeting a lot of people very much.
Only 2 months to go! 

Hope to see you there!



May 2018   New!
Shoko's newest creations, Vega and Altair Dolls and Triangular Hexahedron were introduced in the July issue of the NOA Magazine #515. The theme of July issue is "Sky and Sea".
What are you going to wish for Tanabata? (the star festival)
April 2018   
Shoko's new creation, Triangular prism box was introduced with Origami Garden in the June issue of the NOA Magazine #514.
Shoko's display for 2017 Origami Carnival was also introduced with Origami gallery.

For details click here>>
March 2018  
Shoko's newest creation, a Butterfly Chopstick Rest, was introduced in the May issue of the NOA Magazine #513.
The chopstick rest is a clever model as it can also be played with like a toy.
The two sections move up and down like the flapping wings of a butterfly.
January 2018  

Happy New Year everyone!
I would like to share my first creation of 2018 with you. This cute little puppy is named "Pug" and can nod and smile. During the coming year, I hope to create more origami models for you to enjoy. Best wishes for good health and peace in 2018. Shoko

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January 2018  
Shoko was honored to have the diagrams for her Jolly Santa Greeting Card featured in the December 2017 issue of the BOS Magazine #307.
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