December 2013 
December 2013
Paper Cranes was published by Nippon Origami Association.
This book contains many paper cranes . My creation "Crane Tato" is also introduced with this book.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys folding beautiful and also practical paper cranes.
November 2013
Shoko's model "Teddy Bear" was introduced with ORISON issue #2013/5
. I like Transparante raamvenster ster. It looks beautiful!
At the 2013 20th Origami Carnival, Shoko received an Idea Award. Her original satirical display showed that nuclear weapons are not good for our world. The display included many rabbits wearing gas masks demonstrating against nukes and a school of fish swimming against nukes.
July 2013
Shoko's models "Humming bird " and ”Fence" are introduced in the NOA Magazine Issue #457.
June 2013
Shoko's model "Koala puppet" was introduced with ORISON issue #2013/3. The diagrams of the body of the Koala is introduced with Kawaii Doubutsu Origami book. "Turtle Corner Bookmark" created by Gyorfi-Deak Gyorgy is so cute! I love "Box" created by Brigitte Lindemann.
"Scary Snake" created by Jeremy Shafer is also amazing! Enjoy folding!
June 2013 
Shoko's models "Urashimataro and Sea turtle" are introduced in the NOA Magazine Issue #456.
You can see lots of fish origami and some summer items.
Happy folding!
June 2013
Shoko's model "Pajarita paper clip" is introduced with British Origami magazine issue 280. I think this cute paper clip is useful. Happy folding!
May 2013 
Shoko's model "Star-shaped Envelope" is introduced in the NOA Magazine Issue #455. The folding sequence is based on the Star of David model created by Lewis Simon. Enjoy making this star-shaped envelope for Christmas or the Japanese festival of Tanabata. If you fold the envelope from translucent paper, you can see what is inside.
April 2013 
Shoko's model "Secret Tomato" is introduced in ORISON Issue #2-2013. I like the front cover. It is so beautiful.The swan is created by Jaime Nino.

Book review: "Kawaii Dobutsu Origami" (Cute Animal Origami) by Margreet Blondel with ORISON issue #2-2013.
April 2013
I am happy to announce that as of April 12, 2013, my newest book, "Kawaii Dobutsu Origami" (Cute Animal Origami) can be ordered on-line from Jorigami. I have included the link below. Happy Folding!
April 2013
I can't believe that my trip is only one week away.
I just finished making 150 little teddy bears (for keycord) for OSN convention.
Aren't they cute?
March 2013 
Shoko's model "Onesie" is introduced in the NOA Issue #453.

This model would be perfect to use as an invitation to a baby shower or for a greeting card to welcome a new baby.
February 2013
Book review: "Kawaii Dobutsu Origami" (Cute Animal Origami) by Dennis Walker with British Origami issue#278

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January 2013
Happy New Year!
I wish everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2013.
Last year was a busy one for me.
In the spring I visited India and Sri Lanka and taught origami.
In September, my newest origami book was published. It contains many cute animal models.
This year has begun on an exciting note.

The latest NOA Magazine, issue 450, features four of my models: Flying Seed, Bird Wrapper, Oni Wrapper, and Langue de Chat.
In April, I will travel to the Netherlands where I will be the honored guest at the 25th annual convention of the Origami Society of the Netherlands (OSN).
The theme this year is "Red, White, and Blue, Happy to Fold for You!" I look forward to sharing my origami designs and making new friends there.
I can't wait to see the canals, windmills, and colorful tulips, too!

Special thanks to Linda Bogan
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