December 2012
Seasons Greeting! from Shoko

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December 2012 
Shoko's 'Apple and Tree' was introduced with Korean Origami Magazine Issue # 79-11.

December 2012 

August 2012 
I am excited to announce the upcoming release of my new book, "Cute Animal Origami", on September 10, 2012. In it, you will find a variety of unique and easy to fold animal models.

The book contains many creative ideas for using these models. Some animals are action models while others will make especially beautiful greeting cards. I think my book will make a valuable addition to your origami library.

To purchase, click here (Amazon)

August 2012 
Shoko's 'Boiled Egg' `was introduced with Korean Origami Magazine Issue # 79-10

July 2012
ORIGAMI BOXES was published by Nippon Origami Association.
This book contains many stimulating origami boxes .
My creations are also introduced with this book.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys folding practical origami.


Click here to purchase.

July 2012
'Shoko's 'Walking Crab' was introduced with ORISON issue #2012/3.
This model is ‘Action Origami‘.

June 2012 
'Teapot Puppet' created by Shoko Aoyagi was introduced with NOA monthly magazine issue #444. It is easy to fold and fun to play with.

May 2012 
Shoko's "Baby Penguin Paper Fastener and Mom" was introduced with Hungarian Origami Magazine issue 2012/1.
I love this Baby Penguin with Mom.
This is good for the Mother's day greeting card.

April 2012
Shoko's "Who's house? It is Ryunosuke Akutagawa's house." was introduced with NOA magazine issue#442. The traditional house origami will change into the head of Ryunosuke Akutagawa, who is a Japanese writer.
The photo of my new creation, langue de chat (Cat tongues are a small chocolate bar) is also introduced with Origami Garden.

March 2012
Shoko's display of Origami Carnival was introduced with NOA magazine issue# 441.

February 2012 
Recently when I was teaching origami at a school in Kolkata, India.
I was presented with a beautiful golden bowl. At the beginning of February I bought two hyacinth bulbs and placed them in the bowl with some water.

Just this morning the hyacinth bulbs started to bloom.
The purple and pink blossoms remind me that spring will soon be here.

As you, too, wait for spring I highly recommend a book, "When the Root Children Wake Up".
I think you will enjoy it.
February 2012 
Shoko's Ink bottle and Quill was introduced with NOA magazine issue#440.

A children book created by Koji Suzuki, inspired me to make this ink bottle. He is such a wonderful artist!
February 2012 
Shoko's 'Treasure Bag' was introduced with Korean Origami Magazine Issue # 79-09.
Shoko's 'Unit Bunny' was introduced with ORISON issue #2012/ 1.
This model is one of my favourite.
Shoko's 'Dove with pocket' was introduced with NOA magazine issue#439.
This model is such a beautiful model.
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