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December 2021  New!

Season's Greetings - Merry Christmask!


This greeting card can be used as you like.
2022 is the Year of Tiger in Japan so Shoko folded an origami tiger and put the message.

As the COVID-19 virus still continues to have an increased impact in our community, wish you all safe and healthy!

Click here to download the "Cat wearing a facemask" diagram.
For the details of the step 22 in the diagram, you can refer to the following instructions.
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December 2021 

A hint of Christmas!

Shoko's origami Santa Claus can be a great Christmas ornaments.
By Inserting the Santa's hand in the gap, they are connected to each other like the photos below.
Enjoy folding!

Frobel Star folded by Marianne Menzi
November 2021 
Shoko's creation "Star Decoration" diagram was introduced in the October 2021 issue of the BOS Magazine #330.
Shoko likes how to assemble two units.
Happy folding!
October 2021 
Shoko's model "Jolly Santa" was introduced with ORISON issue #2021/5.
This Santa Claus is simple and cute. You can put a small gift in it.
Happy folding!
October 2021 
Shoko's creation "Bear-shaped tiles"  and " Santa Claus" were introduced in December issue of the NOA Magazine #556.
September 2021
French Version "Flower Fortune-Telling"

Shoko created "Daisy's Paper Clip" so you can find the diagrams here.
Please also enjoy the animation ' fortune-telling while picking petals off a daisy' presented by Shoko Aoyagi.
You can use these petals as a paper clip and fortune-telling. This is French version. Click here >>

If you want to make Clematis & Cosmos, you can find the diagrams with NOA magazine issue# 553.

Daisy's Paper Clip (diagrams)
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September 2021 
Shoko's creation "Cloud" was introduced in November issue of the NOA Magazine #555.
I like this cloud, as it is easy to fold.
Happy folding !
July 2021 

Origami Oritai presents 1st International Marathon 2021

Shoko will show you how to fold "Lotus and Swan" for the 1st International Marathon 2021 presented by Origami Oritai (India).

Date: 14 August 2021
Time: 1:15 - 2:00 pm (IST*)
Capacity: up to 100

If you'd like to join, please register via Facebook or Instagram.
For details, please click here and check the poster.

* India Standard Time

July 2021 
Shoko's creation "Swan" and "Petal's paper fastener" ( Clematis & Cosmos) were introduced in September issue of the NOA Magazine #553.
Regarding the white swan, I tweaked the head a bit so it looks elegant.
Happy folding!
June 2021
Shoko's creation "Japanese Lantern Box " was introduced in August issue of the NOA Magazine #552.
Putting a LED candle inside, it lights beautifully.

*The last photo is from Hiromi in Tokyo.
It is also introduced on "Origami Gallery"
May 2021 
Shoko's creation "2-colour package " was introduced in July issue of the NOA Magazine #551.
The theme of this issue is "The sky of star festival'. I like this container, especially how to assemble them. Enjoy your choice of the colours.
April 2021 
Shoko's model "Elephant paper fastener" was introduced with ORISON issue #2021/2. This paper fastener is so cute! 
Happy folding!
April 2021 
Shoko's creations "Kintaro", "Bear" and "Kashiwamochi" were introduced in May issue of the NOA Magazine #549. They are for 'Children's Day'.
March 2021
BOS Virtual Convention Spring 2021

BOS virtual convention will be on Saturday 10th April 2021.
Shoko demonstrates three kinds of simple origami.
Please join us and enjoy!

(using Zoom online system)
March 2021  New!
OSN Zoom convention 27 and 28 March 2021

Shoko will demonstrate "Shiba-inu" in the workshop.
This is free and please join us and enjoy!
OSN Online 2021 registration 

Please note: This weekend is Daylight Savings Time weekend in The Netherlands, so watch the timezone difference. .
February 2021

Shoko's creations "Paper table napkin holder" was introduced in March issue of the NOA Magazine #547.
It can be a napkin holder and a container.
Happy folding! 
(24cm x 24cm square will do)

January 2021  New!
Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. Have you ever heard of Setsubun? It is a holiday here in Japan that celebrates the coming of spring. This year it will be held on February 2nd.
On that day we throw dried soy beans and say, 'Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi!' In English, it means 'Devil out, happiness in.
Dried soybeans are nutritious, so we will eat one for each year of our life plus one, to be healthy.
We hope that eating the dried soybeans will lead to a healthy life that year. How about making some Setsubun origami?
We can make an oni (devil) or fuku (happiness) using the same model as a basic origami cup. It's really easy! Amazingly, the folds are exactly the same.
I hope you enjoy it!

Shoko Aoyagi
Ofuku san Oni


January 2021 
Hans introduced my toddling penguin with his blog, Foldings.
Please have a look and happy folding!
Thank you, Hans Dybkjær .

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