December 2020  New!
October 2020 
Shoko joined an Instagram live interview on 26th October.

Please view the demonstration of the chipmunk and the live interview.

Chipmunk demo:
Live internveiw:

Here is message from Mariela who organized this event.
It was really fun and I appreciate Mariela to give me a wonderful opportunity!
Thank you so much, Mariela!

Message from Mariela

My name is Mariela. I am originally from El Salvador but I live in Canada. I had the pleasure to live in Japan for almost 20 years. I fell in love with origami in my beloved Nagasaki. I learned a lot about origami there, and I knew about Shoko san’s designs. I loved them immediately. She has such wonderful designs. All of them are lovely and extremely cute. I have a Youtube channel called Origami Maniacs. I share origami tutorials. I have asked Shoko san many times for permission to make tutorials of some of her work, and she has accepted so kindly. My tutorials are used to teach seniors and children. They love Shoko san’s designs. I had the honour to have an Instagram live with Shoko san. We had a wonderful time with Shoko san who shared a lot about origami and Japanese culture. People around the world love her work and lovely designs. Thank you for your kindness dear Shoko san.
With love from Canada

October 2020 
Shoko's creations "Baby Shoes (Baby Boots)" was introduced in December issue of the NOA Magazine #544. This model is easy to fold. I really like the last process "step 9".
Happy folding!
September 2020 
Shoko's creation "Swan" diagram was introduced in the August 2020 issue of the BOS Magazine #323.
I used the traditional origami technique called the 'water lily' and 'Kasahara yakkosan' for it.
An elegant swan is something I have always tried to make. 
At last, I made this during "Stay at Home".
August 2020 
Shoko's creations "See-through Cube" was introduced in October issue of the NOA Magazine #542. It can be a squashable cube by twisting. 
Make many cubes out of different pattern paper. It will be fun!
July 2020 
Shoko's model "Owl Bag" was introduced with ORISON issue #2020/3.
This owl bag is so popular. Happy folding!
folded by Linda Bogan  
July 2020 
Shoko's creations "Flower ball 3 units " was introduced in September issue of the NOA Magazine #541.
It looks so beautiful.
Happy folding!
June 2020
Shoko's creations "Rabbit wearing a face mask " was introduced in August issue of the NOA Magazine #540. You can make a greeting card or something with this.
My origami class started up again after a three month break.
It is really tough to talk for two hours with a face mask on and I felt hot and dizzy.
June 2020 
I love to share a unique and beatiful blog "Origami Deco" by Kazue Goto.
She made and introduced a lot of work from Shoko.
Really fun and worth browsing!
Thank you, Kazue.
May 2020 
Shoko's creations '' Yakko-san with a white belly' and 'Yakko-san Kusudama''' were introduced in July issue of the NOA Magazine #539.
You can write a message on the white belly.


May 2020 

Shoko's creation "Chipmunk" diagram was introduced in the April 2020 issue of the BOS Magazine #321.
It can hold a book, box, acorn, flapping bird..etc., in the hands.
Happy folding!

April 2020

Shoko's creation "Teru-teru-bozu* envelope" was introduced in June issue of the NOA Magazine #538.
* "Teru-teru- bozu" is a paper doll to wish for sunny days in Japan.

April 2020 

Click here to download Shoko's original Covid-19 flyer/poster (PDF/378kb)

April 2020  New!

Hi there,

I hope you are doing well during this difficult time.
It is very hard to live without origami classes, libraries, museums, concerts, theaters, sport clubs, travel, eating out ...etc.
However, we have plenty of free time now, so it's time to do whatever we were not able to do before.
It is very important to stay at home at the moment in order to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. We will get through this together. Endless nights don't exist!
This is a origami rabbit I made especially for this difficult period we are going through.
It is wearing a mask to battle the coronavirus.

February 2020 

Shoko's creation "Easter egg ornament" and "Double cherry blosdom dish / Dandelion dish" were introduced in April issue of the NOA Magazine #536.
Enjoy folding!

January 2020 

Shoko's creation "Dog" and "Elephant paper holder" were introduced in March issue of the NOA Magazine #535.
I transformed the traditional origami Yakkosan into them.
Enjoy folding!

January 2020
Shoko's creation "Double heart shaped paper holder" was introduced in February issue of the NOA Magazine #534.
Normally, a paper clip can hold one place; however, this can hold 2 places.

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year 2020.

December 2019 
R.I.P. Linda Bogan

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