3 Days in Warsaw
Workshop poster
(for teachers)
Monday 6th May 2019

Monday, May 6th Tomasz drove us to Warsaw from Krakow.
It took about 5 hours by car. We arrived the venue around 17:00.

35 primary school teachers were waiting for us. Natalia, the main GGO member, is the principal at a primary school called Szkoła Podstawowa im. Kornela Makuszyńskiego w Skrzeszewie invited me to teach origami to 35 teachers. The venue was a big room at the cultural center.

I introduced some simple origami related to Japan's four seasons stories to the teacher, just step by step. Then, we did origami exercises to remember how to fold origami with our bodies, a very unique approach.
We also made modular origami and some useful origami for the classes.
Two hours went by so fast.

Szkoła Podstawowa
im. Kornela Makuszynskiego w Skrzeszewie

Tuesday 7th May 2019

Chopin's statue
On Tuesday May 7th, Natalia showed us around Warsaw.

We visited Chopin's house, Skansen w Maurzycach and experienced Wycinanki (Polish paper cutting).
They are all amazing!

For dinner, we ate special vegetarian food at Natalia's house.
It was so delicious! I met 6 adorable cats there.

Heading to Chopin's house Wycinanki
Wednesday 8th May 2019

We visited an elementary school to teach origami to students in the morning . They greeted me saying "Konnichiwa" in Japanese. It was a nice and warm welcome.

I taught them one of my popular models, a sitting dog and a container.
Everyone was able to make a dog! We had a fun time!

The school was clean and the students were gracious and bright. After visiting the school, we visited Royal Park then went back to Krakow.

Before the OOM (Outdoor Origami Meeting ), the main members of GGO, specially, Beata, Thomasz, Natalia and Łukasz showed me around the main sightseeing spots in Poland such as the Wieliczka Salt Mine which is 300m underground, the Obóz Koncentracyjny Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Amber Museum in Krakow, Bialowieza Forest and so on.

I also was invited to a special lunch by Beata's mother, which were special traditional Polish meals. They were unbelievably delicious. Well.... I had a great time with such genuine people.
I am very thankful to everyone, indeed.

I departed from Krakow airport early in the morning of Thursday, May 9th and arrived at Narita next day.
It was really a great and wonderful two weeks of origami travel.


Report for 2nd - 5th May
© Shoko Aoyagi