11 November  New! 
Events & Activities:  BOS Hull September 2023 Convention /Exhibition review

9 November  New!
Events & Activities: Shoko's model "Basket with ribbons" was introduced in the Landelijke Oridag 2023 booklet.

2 November 
Events & Activities: NOA BOOKS Kessakusen50 is released.

1 November 
Origam Gallery Photos and message from Silvia in Switzerland
Origam Gallery Photo from James in England

31 October 
Origami Archives: Update - Diagram for "Sitting Dog"
Events & Activities: Shoko's mode” Two Colour Package ” was introduced with ORISON issue #2023/5.

18 October 
Events & Activities: Origami Report - BOS Autumn Convention Hull 2023

6 October 
Top: Shoko's new book is releasing!

5 October 
Events & Activities: Shoko's creations "Santa tray" was introduced in the November issue of the NOA Magazine #579.
Events & Activities: Shoko's creations "Blintz with kimono obi" was introduced in the November issue of the NOA Magazine #578.

15 August
Events & Activities: Shoko is a special guest for the BOS's Autumn Convention in September 2023.
Events & Activities: Book Review - Shoko's "Origami Play Essentials"

2 June
Events & Activities: Shoko's creations "Mermaid" was ntroduced in the August issue of the NOA Magazine #575.

14 May 
Top: Shoko's Flower Shop

30 April 
Events & Activities: Shoko's creations "Botton Cover" and " Glasses Stand" were introduced in the July issue of the NOA Magazine #574.
Events & Activities
 Shoko's teaching experinece of origami in Sydney was introduced in the June issue of the NOA magazine #573.

17 April 
Top: 5.5 Kodomo no hi - Children's Day in Japan

7 March 
Top: Happy Easter

16 Feburary
Top: 3.3 Hinamatsuri

4 Feburary
Events & Activities:
 "A First Book for Origami Play" releases on 16th February.
Top: Happy Valentine's Day!

29 January 
Events & Activities:
Shoko's creations "Koala x 6" was introduced in the April issue of the NOA Magazine #571.

1 January 
Top: A Happy New Year!